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Start by sending us an order

1st payment

= price of goods

+ seller delivery fee

+ service fee

2nd payment

= shipping cost

+ agent fees

Goods arrived at your doorstep

what you do in front of your computer

Our service fee (updated Jan. 1st 2022)

 For Buy/Bid:

  1. NTD220 for each package we receive. 

  2. NTD22 for each item we buy on your behalf.


 For shipping:

  =< 2kg, LGB fee is NTD220
  2.01 ~ 5kg, LGB fee is NTD385 
  5.01 ~ 8kg, LGB fee is NTD550 
  8.01 ~ 10kg, LGB fee is NTD715 
  10.01 ~ 15kg, LGB fee is NTD935 
  15.01 ~ 20kg, LGB fee is NTD1100 
  > 20kg, LGB fee is NTD1320


 For purchase in physical store or meet-up with seller,

 it depends on the location of store/seller. 
  - Taoyuan: NTD550 per trip
  - Taipei or Hsinchu: NTD1100 per trip
  - Miaoli / Yilan / Keelung: NTD1650 per trip
  - Taichung: NTD2200 per trip

  - Tainan: NTD4000 per trip


Our storage fee

 We offer 20 days of free storage period. From day 21

 onwards, storage fee will be charged as NTD2 per kg

 per day.