Taiwan shopping agent, buy things from Taiwan, Taiwan bidding agent

what we do for you in Taiwan

Start by sending us an order

1st payment

= price of goods

+ seller delivery charge

+ agent fees

2nd payment

= shipping cost

+ agent fees

Goods arrived at your doorstep

what you do in front of your computer

Our agent fee

For Buy/Bid:

  1. NTD200 for each package we receive. 

  2. NTD20 for each item we buy on your behalf.


For parcel consolidation:

  20% on the total shipping charge (min. NTD200)


We ship via:

  1. Postal service - EMS

  2. Postal service - Normal air parcel

Courier service also available on request.


Our rules

1. Once service is delivered, agent fees paid are non-refundable.

2. We accept payments in NTD and via PayPal only.

3. All payments are subjected to PayPal fee (4.4% + NTD10).