Cost Calculator

If you want to estimate the costs for buying things from Taiwan through us, here's a useful tool we have made for you. 

Areas highlighted in purple are the details you need to fill up. Then, all the fees and costs will be calculated automatically. 

We only collect NTD (New Taiwan Dollar). If you want to know how much is the total in your currency, there is also a currency converter prepared for you at the bottom. 

For shipping cost, there are 2 choices, EMS and Normal Air Parcel for postal service. By far, postal service is the cheapest shipping method. If you try out the calculator below, you will see that EMS is faster but more expensive; and Normal Air Parcel is slower but cheaper. So you need to decide which method you prefer. Both options come with a tracking number. 

**Maximum weight, delivery time, and shipping cost are the current information extracted from Taiwan Post website (

How much is that in my currency?


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